Time Out Challenge

I decided to play along with Time Out Challenges this week.  I never have before but I love how they have a word and then an optional twist and I wanted to give it a try.  Here it is for this week, challenge 103

time out challenges pic

And guess who I thought of first?  Stella!!!!!  This sweet Stella Stamper stamp set tells you just how long I’ve been stamping. It’s from 1999 by Stampin’ Up!  And I had already been stamping for a few years at that point.  Yes.  Cardmaking is the best hobby in the world and home really is where the stamps are!

Time Out challenges

I just did simple colored pencil coloring on her.

time out challenges 2Good Ol’ Stella.  She represents so many of us!  Ready to stamp at any given moment possible!! 🙂  I love love love this hobby and have for more than half of my life.  It’s fun to be sharing it now through this blog and on my Instagram.  Took me awhile to get it all figured out and stay consistent at taking pics and getting them up – but I’m really enjoying it!

I’ll be playing with some Lawn Fawn stamps next to participate in their current challenge.  See you soon to share what I come up with there!

Stamping hugs


2 thoughts on “Time Out Challenge

  1. Of course, stamping is the best hobby, right? Love this cute gal, and how she has all her supplies right on her person. Thanks so much for playing along at Time Out this week.


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