500+ Instagram followers!

Hello stamping friends!  Today I have an extra fun post.  I recently hit 500 followers on Instagram and I feel grateful for this for several reasons!

1. I only started Instagram to share my love of cardmaking and see cards from people who felt the same about this hobby!  I gained so much more!  People who got excited about my cards and I found TONS of others who also love making cards!

2. Stamping friends!  I have made new friends.  And I truly believe stamping friends are the greatest kind.  So supportive, kind, and positive!  I’ve also been SUPER excited to connect with cardmakers in other countries!  How awesome that IG gives that opportunity to connect around the world with others that have the same passion.

3. I have gained countless ideas and inspiration that have boosted my creativity from those who have I have followed and who have followed me!

This is an adventure that I didn’t realize would turn out so fun.  I have stamped for 26 years.  Dipping my toe into the world of sharing and connecting my hobby to social media scared me at first!  But now, I see why it’s such a great place to be, in sharing and appreciating other’s sharing of talents, crafts and hobbies.

With all that being said, I am going to do my first giveaway!  I want to share a small token of my appreciation to those who follow and support me out there.

So here is my card for today and at the bottom of my post, or over to the right of my blog, is a link to my Instagram.  Head over there to see how you can win this card and a brand new set of the stamp set and dies that I made it with (along with a few other little bonus goodies)

my giveaway 5

my giveaway 4

my giveaway 3

my giveaway

See you over on my Instagram!


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