3 sets, 3 colors, 3 cards

I hope you have all had a great start to your week!  I had some fun with my stamping today and I have lots to share of what I did.  I took the 3 Stamp Nation incentive sets that members received with their orders when they purchased things from the last 3 releases.  They are so cute and it was such a fun thing for Catherine to do!

I also stuck to 3 colors – Catherine Pooler‘s Samba, Aquatini, and Garden Party (with some black added in of course)  Also, all of the dies used on these cards are Catherine Pooler as well.

Here they are!

cpd 8

Aren’t those cute images?!  I love how they all work together so well!  Here’s a look at each card individually


cpd 4

This one just had to be turned into a shaker!  It also uses the new Happy Birthday die by Catherine Pooler



cpd 3

This fun “thanks” tag added to an all white background is so fun!  The tag would be fun alone on a gift too!

cpd 2

cpd 5

And finally,


cpd 12

It’s a sentiment good for anyone right now!  It’s been such a weird time for everyone.

cpd 10


cpd 11

If you head to my Instagram, I do have a little video of this one coming together!

cpd 13

Are those colors and sets so fun together?!  I had an absolute blast and am so grateful for these incentive sets that work so fun together!

cpd 9

See you again soon!


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