Cat love!

Double Trouble is running on a little bit different time schedule this time around and they start today, a Sunday, rather than a Monday. So let’s get right into it!

It’s time to see our precious fur babies with this challenge! Any of yours will do – but August 8th does happen to be International Cat Day, so there’s an bit of an extra eye on our feline friends!

My card for this challenge was made in memory of my cat, Kimchi. He passed away less than one week ago. He got a really bad infection and declined faster than we ever thought possible. He was such a little buddy to me and loved being with me at my stamp table and when I would study scriptures. In fact, he liked to be right on top of both! Here’s a cute pic of him right on my scriptures with his sister, Kiko. (Kimchi is the black cat on the right)

So with that sweetness in mind, I created this card

I used the Gina K stamp set “Open Book” to create this card. And I made it with a mixed media style

Now, Thing 3 would like to see you use a fun animal pun! Most critter stamp sets have one in them. I couldn’t find one that fit any sort of cat card in all of my collection. So I did this little quote instead.

Head over to Double Trouble challenge blog for all the details to play along! For this challenge, we are partnering with 2CraftyCritterCrazies. So after you have made a card with a fur baby on it, be sure to head there to enter your card!

Thank you so much for stopping by to see the details of my card today. I hope you have a fabulous August ahead of you with lots of opportunities to get inky!

To close out my blog post today, I’ll give a couple of fun facts about Kimchi, in his memory.

  • We came up with his name because at the time we got him, our oldest son, Hunter, was serving a church mission in South Korea! The staple food there is definitely kimchi. There’s lots of variety and it’s usually at every meal! So in honor of what our son was doing to serve the beautiful people over there, we named him Kimchi!
  • He snuggled with me to have naps or to go to bed at night. On several occasions, he reached his paw right over my chest as if to hug me. Aww!
  • He was black, but his sheddings were totally light gray!
  • He looked like he was wearing a perfect white vest with a white goatee, white gloves and boots. Ready for a big event!
  • He sat at the top of the stairway, watching whatever we were doing, just like this

And he sprawled out in the sunny spots just like this

Rest in peace my sweet Kimchi guy! Thanks for all the snuggles. I sure miss him.


2 thoughts on “Cat love!

  1. What a beautiful sweet card and memorial to your sweet boy, Kimchi. It brought tears to my eyes. So beautifully done my sweet kelli. He was honored to be at your side no matter what you were doing.
    The card in book style is exceptionally beautiful ❤️ It has a loving most professional touch. Another card extremely well done. Your talents are endless.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, Kellianne, you card is beautiful with such warm tones. I’m so sorry for your loss – Kimchi was obviously loved and adored and I know that his passing leaves a huge empty space in your heart. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Sending you virtual hugs… ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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